Tips on Choosing Comfortable Clothing for Growing Toddlers

When we think of the basic necessities in life, clothing is primary. It defines who we are, what we want to look like and how we want to be perceived. We’ve all heard the phrase “dress how you want to be addressed”. In essence, be comfortable with who you are.  Whether you are an adult, kid or teenager, our choices with clothes helps us project to the public how we have chosen to present ourselves. 

For the kids specifically,  As parents we play a big role in defining the outlook of our children merely by the way we dress them up. With most parents, the preference is typically something comfortable, simple and practical because kids grow up fast and also make a lot of mess - whether with their food or playing outside in mud or rain.  Adjustable playsuits for kids or rompers are examples of ,comfortable clothing that is  simple and practical season after season. Especially because these are unique pieces that you can dress up by throwing on a jacket or wear as is without losing your sense of style. 

Today, children have become a segment of the fashion industry's clientele. A lot of attention is drawn to children's clothing and how it can be made to provide the best comfort for our little ones. This is very evident with the level of focus on fabric care and attention to detailed designs when it comes to kids clothing. 

Children don’t come with instructions. I know we all wish they did :). Raising children is a learning phase of life, and nowadays children are acutely aware of how they are dressed and their appearance. Even a 3 year old is able to decisively tell you what they want to wear. Clearly as parents we play the role of making sure it is weather appropriate :)   As parents, we are willing to do anything for our children to make sure they are comfortable and they feel loved. We are eager to spend on the clothes not only to make sure they are comfortable, but to showcase how they are unique in their own special way.  However, when thinking of clothing for kids, there are number of things that I consider while shopping for toddlers:

1) Comfortability

It is important that the clothes be as comfortable as possible. A few key factors I consider that help me define comfort are fabric that does not irritate the skin, lightweight fabric that transitions well between seasons like the Adjustable playsuits for kids that are easy to wear and are pretty snazzy! That way when they no longer want you to dress them up and they want to start picking out their own clothes (I know, my mama heart aches even as I write this…) they are comfortable with what they are wearing. This will increase their self-esteem and confidence while also defining their fashion sense. 

2) Fabric/Climate:

If you’ve not paid close attention, there is so much rave right now about organic fabric, specifically cotton. In the summer months, cotton clothing is preferred because it absorbs perspiration well. It’s no wonder why organic children's apparel is in high demand these days. The fabric is made entirely of high-quality organic cotton, which enables children's sensitive skin to breathe while also avoiding rashes and allergies.

3) Fasteners/Snaps:

Personally, I think drawstrings are cute, but don’t necessarily think they are practical or safe with  children's clothing. The fear of it being a choking hazard when I’m not being attentive makes me choose fasteners over drawstrings. It’s important to pay close attention to where fasteners are located on clothes for kids. Going back to the discussion on comfort, I try to avoid fasteners that are too close to the neck or shoulder bone. 


This definitely a factor to consider, but is not the highest priority. Inspire them to wear colors and patterns that are bold. For some reason, comfortable, simple clothing for kids is synonymous with bland, boring color swatches. I tend to find gray, white, tan or black. However, comfort can and should be fun. Check out these playsuits that showcase a good balance between comfort and bright, bold colors!  

Whatever choices you make for your kids or they make for themselves, our  preference is comfort over style. Finally, think of your kids day to day activities and make sure their wardrobe reflects their daily choices and activities.