Quick Tips on How To Care for Your Kids Clothing

I’m sure if we tallied up how much we spent on clothing for our kids, we would either not believe how much we spend or have a really good laugh after we realize the amount spent :). Growing up, my mom would typically say she had no money left because she spent so much on us as kids. Can I now say - mom I can so relate with you…. A part of me actually feels like I owe you an apology every time I see my own kids make a big mess on an outfit I purchase for them. At the end of the day, they are kids and so to end with a win-win outcome, I let them be kids and I channel my energy looking into ways to preserve their clothes for as long as possible before they rapidly outgrow them (I know this is every mom’s story).

To get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from your children's clothing, there are few quick and easy tips you can bear in mind to get longevity out of their clothes: 

  1. Fabric Care Instructions: I say this and I know most people cringe! Maybe even asking, who really follows these instructions? Considering the number of clothes our kids have, is it feasibly possible to follow these instructions? I know the easy option is save time by doing one big load of laundry. Trust me, it's not easy, however, knowing how much I want to get out of their clothes, it's worth the time investment. Start with sorting like colors together and then by weight of each garment. The likelihood of having the same fabric care instruction with like colors and similar fabric is high. You won’t want to wash summer and winter apparel together, because the fabric make up already indicates different care instructions.
  1. Drying Instructions: Gone are the days when we used to air dry everything :)  For those of use that still do this, ensure that clothes are not directly under the heat of the sun. If using the dryer, try to avoid high heat settings. If the fabric is not pre-shrunk fabric, you’re likely to find your children's clothes a couple sizes smaller after drying. Some preferable drying options to consider are tumble dry, air fluff or low heat. For growing toddlers, pre-shrunk fabric is a fantastic option. They stand the test of time and your kids get more wear out of their favorite clothes. Our rompers and playsuits for kids made out of pre-shrunk fabric puts this tip to the test!
  1. Hygiene: If you are using cloth diapers, separately wash them for hygienic reasons. First remove any solid waste from the clothing then rinse repeatedly until there is little to no trace of waste is left. Soak the laundry in water for a while. Don't use fabric conditioners.

With these tips in hand, your kids' clothes will last longer than they typically have in the past.

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