Nursery Essentials

As a new parent, one of the first things that comes to mind when you are getting ready to welcome your new arrival, are all the clothes that you will need for your little one. With a wide variety of options out there, it could be difficult to decide on the best brand for your child.

And they grow up so fast!

Within months you will go through bundles of clothes that your little one will grow out of. In such a competitive market for baby stuff, baby clothes can be expensive, but even that doesn’t always guarantee that they will be the best quality.

When choosing the garments for your baby, there are a few things to consider:  

  1. Fabric Makeup: You would want to choose something hypoallergic and soft and natural material such as cotton. You also want some stretch, so it is important to look for baby clothes with a small percentage of spandex.
  2. Next, you want something that will grow with your child. Baby clothes don’t need to be one-time use only, or discarded within a month because your little one is not so little any more. Babies grow fast and it is important that they are comfortable every step of the way. But keeping up with their growth could be a stretch on the budget.


The advantages of playsuits

The term baby one-piece is wide, addressing the most common types of infant clothing. Mostly of babies under a year, however one-pieces have grown increasingly popular for toddlers over the recent years. A one-piece includes rompers, bodysuits, playsuits, snappies, jumpsuits, footsies, singlets, snapsuits, onesies, baby gowns, coveralls and similar. Whatever type that you choose, a one-piece will be an essential part of your baby nursery.

Each of these terms has its own uniqueness and purpose. Clothing brands may make then separately for baby boys and baby girls, or they can be kept gender-neutral. Don’t feel bad if you do not know which type of a one-piece to choose, we’ve got you covered 😊.


Talking about today’s fashion, jumpsuit, playsuit, romper, dungaree are all in vogue. They are made for adults the same as for babies, simply because they are convenient and comfortable. In a playsuit, your child is warm, cuddled up with a soft fabric that does not inhibit their movements.

This is why playsuits are the most convenient choice for a growing baby. They often have long sleeves and long legs with snaps, zippers, or some other closure on the legs to allow for diaper changes. Playsuits can come in many different styles, including full-length sleeves, full-length pants, half or mini sleeves, short sleeves, short pants, and some are unique to provide you a 2 in one option!

Our featured example is the Semimu Playsuits - In addition to the comfort that they provide, they grow with your little one. Don’t worry about changing the entire wardrobe every month – simply choose a Semimu playsuits, made out of breathable materials, with attachments for the legs and arms that will allow your toddler to enjoy the comfort for a while longer!

 Semimu playsuits – The comfort your baby will appreciate

 Playsuits are long sleeved, without the footsies or with them. Usually, they are fastened with poppers from mid-section up. As such, these items of clothing are perfect to be worn as a complete outfit, or even under items of clothes for additional warmth.

Semimu playsuits are comfortable and long-wearing, made using super soft cotton with an addition of spandex for that essential stretch. After all, your little one with not stay little for long!

Here at Semimu, we have made sure to design clothes that look fashionable, but are focused on being convenient. Our playsuits are affordable, comfortable and smart. Your baby will enjoy the feel of the playsuits and the movement that it allows them and will not want to replace them for a different item of clothing for a long time. That is why we’ve got you covered.

Semimu playsuit without footsies is an excellent choice for a toddler on the go! It comes in various sizes, with adjustments for the next 6 months or a full year, as your child grows.

Why stop at one color choice, though?

With the adjustability of our playsuits’ leg snappies, you can mix and match the colors to fit your unique style. A versatile and colorful wardrobe has never been easier to compile.

Semimu playsuit with footsies is sure to be a hit during colder weather. It offers a snug fit and a lovely colorful style that both you and your child are sure to fall in love with.

The pre-shrunk fabric will adjust with your baby and offer longer wearability than most other clothing brands out there.

Similar products on the market – comparison with Semimu playsuits

While there are many one-piece clothing brands on the market that offer a wide variety of styles for your child, not many can say that their playsuits will last longer than a few months, as your baby grows. As a necessary part of your baby nursery, baby clothes are chosen with care. When you are choosing perfect baby clothes for your young one, you have to keep in mind the softest materials that are hypoallergenic, colorful and stylish. This can be a long process, in no small part thanks to the amount of choice out there.

However, when you finally decide on a perfect clothing brand, or a piece of clothing, for your baby, you are sure to be sad when you see your baby growing out of it within a month. There is no need for wastefulness with Semimu. Our playsuits grow with your child, thanks to the pre-shrunk fabric and the adjustable suit legs. No need to give up the comfort or to discard a brand new item because your baby has grown out of it.

Compared with the current popular brands, such as JohnLewis, ChildrenSalon or RiverIsland, our playsuits have the advantage of scalability.

With the snaps from midsection to chin, they are easy to put on and take off. The ribbed neckline offers a soft touch and the organic cotton with which they are made is sure to be a hit with your baby. The added footsies are always a bonus, and if you do not need them, you can always take the lower part off and turn your playsuit into a stylish romper for the warmer weather.

Bottom Line

With our playsuit designs, it is our goal is to give moms a break. We are bringing you simple, practical clothing that endures changing seasons while promoting confidence and individuality.